Magic Mansion by Nitrome is a 1 bit retro themed platform game, which is set in black and white. This is one of those games which is the complete opposite of what it sounds like. What did you think of the game when you read the title? A game with a mansion located in a beautiful location? With magical things happening inside, and you would probably be required to solve a mystery regarding the magic? If what you though was anything like this, then you are absolutely wrong! The game does not involve people and a beautiful mansion, but ghosts and witches flying around a black and white dungeon!


Do not be creeped, the game might be containing witches and ghosts in a dungeon, but the gameplay is too cute to get you scared. In the game you can play as three different characters: a witch, a frog and a bunny, all of them are really cute. You need to help the character get across each level in the Magic Mansion, by dodging all obstacles and not getting caught or killed by the enemies. There are lots of obstacles in the game, in the form of traps, laid down by the enemies, you have to make sure that you successfully escape them and move on to the next level.


As you proceed on to higher levels in the game, you will be able to unlock more characters, which will be equally cute and fun to play. The game has a very simple and easy to understand gameplay, which supports one touch controls, so playing the game is really not a challenge but great fun. Even though the game is set in retro, and has the most basic color scheme it does not look displeasing to the eyes. The game has a visual appeal and does equally good in terms of sounds and controls as well. Thus forming a gameplay that anyone would look forward to.

Magic Mansion contains advertisements and in-app purchases which are distracting, however this can be done away with just a single in-app purchase. Rest of the game can be downloaded for free. However, do not get carried away by the visuals of the game, it might look like something very kiddish, but it is something that requires very good timing. Although it is one touch game, you have to be quick in your touch, or you will certainly get hit by an obstacle or get caught in the trap.


Rating – 4/5

Positives – This game is a combination of easy and difficult. The controls are easy, but the challenges are difficult. It is fun to play, but requires focus and attention.

Drawbacks – since it has retro themed graphics and is set in black and white, it looks like a game released around 20-25 years back, and something recent or contemporary.

RecommendationMagic Mansion is best suited for those who do not care much about the visuals or the intensity of the game and just want to have fun and pass time.

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