Orbit by Turbo Chilli is a puzzle game, and it is puzzling enough to make you sweat! In the game you have to create orbits around a given black hole, and make planets revolve in the created orbits. However this has to be done real quick, with lot of tact and skill, because the orbits are not only being created, but also getting consumed by the black hole. This is one of those puzzles which not only tests your mental ability but also your timing. However unlike other puzzle games, where a proper strategy is required, this does not require any such thing, and is mainly about timing.


Creating orbits in the game will not be so easy, you have to make sure they are all parallel and do not overlap each other. And the planets contained in each one are moving in the same direction, but are far enough to not collide. What seemed to us so natural and perfect till now, will now have to be done by us. Orbit brings to light the perfection of the natural universe, that we do not think much about in our daily lives. In this game, you will have to create something like our own universe and the solar system.


The game has lots of levels for you to play with, and all of them are with increasing difficulty levels. The game not only builds your skill, but also keeps on testing it regularly. What you learn on level 1 will be tested on level 2 and so on. The game is easy as well as difficult. It has controls which can be managed and understood easily, however the gameplay is not so easy. You will take time initially to learn the right way to do do it, and after you know it, you can go on enjoying it anytime.

Orbit contains of obstacles and rewards like any other freemium title available on the playstore. In the game you will not only have to create orbits, but also dodge and fight obstacles, that will come in the way of successful completion of the level. The game consists of spikes as obstacles, which you will have to dodge by continuous jumping from one hole to another. The graphics and the music of the game is simply amazing and everything that one would ask for, from a freemium title. It can be downloaded for free from Google playstore.


Rating – 4/5

Positives – This is a puzzle game that will test you for your practical physics knowledge, thinking skills and most importantly, your timing.

Drawbacks – Although the game is challenging and comes with great graphics and sound, one might find it to be boring after playing it for a while.

Recommendation –A game that will not only help you kill time, but also do some thinking and constructively pass time. This might tire you a bit, since it is mentally consuming, but it is definitely worth your time and energy.

Download linkhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.turbochilli.orbits&hl=en