Pixel Dodgers by Big Blue Bubble is an arcade game. In the game you are required to dodge as many pixel blasts as you can, before you are hit by one of them and burst into pieces. The game has been created in 8 – bit and might feel like something that was created decades ago. Your aim in the game is to take on the role of either of the given pixel dodgers and then escape the pixel blasts for as long as you can. At first it might sound like something very easy, but that will soon change right when you begin playing the game! 

When one gets to have a look at the game, it feels like something that has a very low difficulty level, but this misconception is soon send back to its place and the reality takes over, making you realize that it is a very challenging game. The controls of the game are surely intuitive and the gameplay is also simple. But simply because Pixel Dodgers is an arcade style game, it should not lead you to believe that it will be easy. This is a game which will test your reflexes, dodging pixel blasts is not going to be easy if you do not move quick.


The game offers various different pixel dodgers to choose from, and all of these have some unique quality, you can select the one you like the most. The overall gameplay is simple and interesting, it can make you dodge the blasts all day, without making you feel bored. Although this game can act as a great pass time, it might leave you feeling tired, because it is a game that has a possibility of tiring you physically. However the overall nostalgia that the game makes you feel with its arcade style and 2D graphics is something that might just charge you up!


Pixel Dodgers has lot of items that you can get access to, as you cross certain stages in the game. These items can help you at many stages across the game. As you successfully move on from one stage to another, you will also get access to better and stronger pixel dodgers, which will be more capable moving quickly and dodging pixel blasts. The game with its intuitive controls, nostalgic visuals and an interesting gameplay forms a must try for all those who love trying out fun freemium titles.


Rating – 4/5

Positives – This game is an arcade game that is created in 8 – bit, it has a gameplay that is suitable for all and is also very interesting. The game is great fun to play if one masters its intuitive controls.

Drawbacks – This is not an easy game, or the one you can take for granted. This game will require you to be focused and might also make you feel tired.

Recommendation – There are lot of games available with the best of graphics, this is a game that has been created in a way that it will give you a nostalgic feeling while playing.

Download link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bigbluebubble.pixeldodgers&hl=en